The New creation is made for a perfect relationship with the Father; fellowship has been made easy and sweet by the access granted to us through Jesus Christ. Every believer can have personal union with the Father God without going through any pastor or priest.


  1. An in-depth time of worship and praise

  2. Study of the Word

  3. A quality time of meditation

  4. A special time of prayer.

The least time you ought to train yourself in a quality time should be at least an hour per day. (Matthew 26 : 40), and as you grow and make progress in the deeper Christian life, you will begin to enjoy the unfathomable riches of fellowship such that you would not need to be time conscious whenever you are with God.

But most importantly, it is better to be led and flow in the direction of the Spirit of God than to be attached to a routine . Sometimes, the Spirit of intercession, worship or supplication my come so strong upon you and that could take a longer time than the normal time you usually spend in the Word or worship, and also other times you might start out with meditation of God’s word. We ought to yield ourselves daily and be led by the Holy Spirit that is within us.




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