Few years ago when I started pastoring, we had invited many people for a Bible Study Session, then in the meeting, I simply asked “How many of you here in this room are righteous in Christ?”

None of them had their hands up; then I engaged each of them as to why they could not signify.

One said I am not perfect yet, the other said; I am still dealing with some stuffs in my life; a lady said I am working towards attaining my righteousness. I remember someone said; only God and Jesus are righteous and we cannot be righteous, we can just try our best.

Then I asked again, “How many of you here in this room have believed and received the Lordship of Jesus Christ in his dead, burial and resurrection?” and here they go, all hands were up. I simply said to them; they you are all righteous in Christ.

That was the dumbest thing they have ever heard, they gazed on me for seconds at what I have just uttered. They couldn’t imagine that all a man needs to be righteous is just “his faith” in the son of God.

These folks who were once doubtful of their stance of righteousness and trying to do something to become righteous are now skillful in the word of righteousness.

They have all been made righteous in Christ, but they never knew as at then.

Thanks be to God for the teaching ministry of the Word.

Romans 4: 5 [KJV] – But to him who does not work “but believes on Him” who justifies the ungodly, his faith is accounted for righteousness.

This scripture above is enough!

All that a man needs to become righteous is to believe on Jesus Christ.

He is the justifier of everyone that believes in Him – his trials, crucifixion, death, burial and resurrection. When you believe this, then God credits His own righteousness into your account.

Your righteousness in Christ is earned by your faith, not what you are trying to be or do.

A man does not become righteous in the sight of God because he fulfills some obligations or moral conducts.

You’re not righteous because you feel righteous; you are righteous because Jesus made it so.

It is an act of God appropriated by your faith in Christ.

If righteousness is attained by your deeds, then your faith in Christ is of no effect!

Even when the accuser questions you of your integrity or reminds you of what you have said or done wrong; you boldly declare and affirm that you’re righteous because of the finished works of Christ on your behalf.

I am made by His finished works, not by my own works.

Glory to God, righteousness is not attained, but obtained in Christ.

It is the gift of God!


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