Righteousness in the New Testament is a gift to the believer and also the nature of the believer. A man has obtained a right being and right standing before God. Righteousness is who the believer is, and also what the believer has. The whole essence of the teaching of the gospel of grace is to unveil the righteousness of God in man, both as a gift he possesses and also as a nature he has.

Righteousness is not an experience; it has nothing to do with feelings, emotions or senses. It is God’s reality. When a man places his faith in Christ; God in the same vein places His own righteousness in him. Until a man knows this blessed reality and walk in the fullness of it, the devil and his cohorts will mess things up in his life.

Righteousness is the life and the nature of God; the believer also had received this very life and nature at salvation. All of this life and nature is resident in the believer, not some parts but all. The believer will longer be reckoned by what he does, but by who is his; no longer reckoned by his condition in the world but by his position in Christ.

Religion is a deadly yoke; it has laid its grip on many causing them to be defeated every now and then. Efforts have been made to get rid of sin, condemnation, shame, guilt and inferiority; and all to no avail. But the remedy to all of these and more has been provided and it is the gift and the nature of righteousness. Our right standing with God has gotten rid of every consequence and punishment of sin. Our righteousness guarantees victory always.

Romans 5: 17 [KJV] – For if by one man’s offence death reigned by one; MUCH MORE they which received the abundance of grace and of the gift of righteousness shall reign in life by one, Jesus Christ.

What God offers the believer is “MUCH MORE” – the believer has the abundance of grace and of the gift of righteousness. The believer will never again be trapped, limited, defeated, broke or perturbed. He has the “Hyper” life of God.

With this very life and nature of God – Righteousness! He has no sin in him; he is saved, forgiven, accepted and beloved of the Father. His feelings or emotions might speak otherwise, but God’s reality is every sure and true in him. The believer will never be defeated again in all matters of life as he constantly becomes conscious and appropriate this glorious life and nature granted to him in Christ Jesus.

Glory to His name, even us!




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