The believer in Christ Jesus has been blessed with the precious gift of the Holy Spirit at salvation. The believer has also been blessed with a prayer language, even if he might not recognize it or speak it forth immediately, but the truth is that he has a prayer language. He does not need to pray to get it; God has actually granted him at salvation. All he needs to do is to stir up the gift of God from within him and there he goes.

“For he who speaks in a tongue does not speak to men but to God” (1 Cor. 14:2).

When we pray in other tongues, we are actually praying to God. We pray directly to God when we pray in other tongues. We agree and function in His perfect will when we pray in this mode. We exit the sense realm into the realm of the almighty God where everything is designed for possibilities.

There’s a place God has intended for us to come into, there’s a purpose in God we are meant to fulfill and as we yield ourselves to this blessed ministry of the Holy Spirit; the Holy Spirit himself will position and establish us in that very place

The Holy Spirit is our empowerment! He is enough for the believer. He is our God – given portion in the land of the living. He is God’s power house in us. When we pray in other tongues and when we pray often, we let out possibilities, we make power and miracles available; we express who we are in Christ, we validate God’s plans and purposes on the earth; we give room for the full expression of all of God that’s in us.

Dear friend, spend some minutes/hours to speak in other tongues today! Be deliberate about it. Deny sleep or even food for it. Yield yourself and stir up the gift of God from within you.

Fan it to flame! Express the God – life that’s in you! You’re capable of so much more!

Glory to God!


I’ve got the Holy Ghost in me. I have God’s power house shut up in me. I am unstoppable; I am capable of so much more. I am God inside minded. I have the ability of God. I pray, I win and I triumph always. Glory!

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